How it Works

We Do The Hard Work For You

Sign Up and send your photo ID – that’s it! You don’t need to send through copies of your tax documents as we can retrieve them from the ATO. One of Our Dedicated Tax Consultants can call you during the day, later in the evening or even on the weekend, so it could really be at a time that suits you.

After your phone appointment you can review and sign your tax return online. Once you sign online, we receive it automatically and then lodge your tax return on your behalf. Soon after you'll receive your tax refund in your bank account.

Quick & Easy Tax Returns

1: Sign Up Online

It only takes minutes to start.

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2: Email Your Photo ID

Email a clear copy of your Driver’s License, Passport or Proof of Age card to with your 6 Digit ID in the subject line.

3: Quick Phone Call

One of our Dedicated Tax Consultants will call you to prepare your tax return.

4: Tax Return Lodged

We email your tax return summary to read and sign online.

5: Tax Refund Sent

The ATO assesses your return and sends your tax refund if one is due.